The Definitive

Rat Pack

Blewbury Tickets

The Definitive Rat Pack and their Christmas Show comes to Blewbury (George’s home) for two nights only on Friday November 29th and Saturday November 30th 2019. The Rats will be accompanied by a six-piece live band and a female guest singer. All profits from this event will be shared between the Blewbury Village Hall Refurbishment Fund, The Tony Loy Trust (a local charity supporting children in arts and sport) and other local causes

There is a two-tier price package:
Premier Package – tables of ten, free glass of fizz, canapés, free programme. Tickets £65 per person. Priority will be given to those people buying whole tables

Limited Package – a small number of chairs around the venue – free programme. Tickets £35 person must be purchased in pairs

The only way to get tickets, which are limited due to capacity, is by joining our mailing list. If you are interested in purchasing tickets, please join our mailing list –